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The Degree Course foresees a full-time attendance divided into two semesters (September-December and February-June) and organized in the following courses:

Mono-disciplinary Courses: characterized by theoretical contents that are communicated with frontal lessons and verified during the year with tests and interviews.
Laboratories: which provide design activities by students under the guidance of the teaching team.
Workshop: full-time courses, lasting one week, in which a project is developed under the guidance of a foreign visiting professor, or a well-known professional, or in co-tutelage with a company.
The Erasmus program and other international mobility programs allow students to spend a study period abroad at qualified European universities.

First year of studies

Second year of studies

Third year of studies

Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Communication Design
School of Design, Politecnico di Milano
Bovisa Campus, B1 Building, via G. Candiani 72, 20158 Milano

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