The contribution of the visiting professors, involved in conducting the workshops in the Master’s Degree, contributes to nurturing the design of communication also from an international perspective.

Mark Roxburgh

University of Newcastle, Australia

News? What's new. Communication design and media fakery

In this workshop, students undertook basic design research into the topic of fake news. They used the research data they generated to create an editorial design project to tell a specified audience what they have learned about fake news. Students had the possibility to choose to critique fake news; educate people about it; make fun of it; propose an antidote to it; create their own fake news and explain how it is done. Students have chosen media types and platforms they wanted to design for based upon their research and their specified audience / or user.

Workshop February 17/21, 2020
2° year of the MSc in Communication Design

Prof. Mark Roxburgh, University of Newcastle, Australia
Prof. Elena Caratti, Politecnico di Milano
Tutor: Sara Lavazza

Alexandra Kot

Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Poland

Reduce. Reuse. Recycle. Poster Workshop

One or each of these three words, which are commonly associated with ecological issues, served as a call slogan to create a context and indicate any problem that concerns us the most in the world around us. The aim was to formulate individual comments using a visual language. The final output (traditional poster or digital version for social media or animated) was diversified according to the appropriateness and consistency between the message, the visual and the medium.

Workshop February 10/14, 2020
1° year of the MSc in Communication Design

Prof. Alexandra Kot, Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, Polonia
Prof. Francesco E. Guida, Politecnico di Milano
Tutor: Andrea Pronzati

Edwin Jakobs

RNDR, Holland

Generative Data-driven Posters

The workshop introduced the students with the basics of creative coding and the idea of using coding as material for personal and creative expression. The main challenge was to create generative and data-driven posters.
Each team of students designed a series of twenty posters on a specific topic using data scraped from online sources, like Google News and DuckDuckGo. These data in combination with a set of rules coded with OPENRNDR library generated the final posters, without the use of any traditional graphic software.

Workshop February 17/21, 2020
2° year of the MSc in Communication Design

Prof. Edwin Jakobs, RNDR, Olanda
Prof. Michele Mauri, Politecnico di Milano
Tutor: Andrea Benedetti, Alessandra Facchin


Nik Baerten

Pantopicon, Belgium

New Kingdom 2070 - Plantelligence

A speculative design workshop focused on designing future visions of a new post-anthropocentric era. “New Kingdom 2070: Plantelligence”, in fact, is not only the title of the workshop, but also the name of the future fictitious event, a conference of experts of nature and plants, in which the students had to immerse themselves as protagonists imagining possible scenarios and representing them through a final performance and multimedia contents.

Workshop February 10/14, 2020
2° year of the MSc in Communication Design

Prof. Nik Baerten, Pantopicon, Belgium
Prof.ssa Francesca Piredda, Politecnico di Milano
Tutor: Valeria Piras

Anastasios Maragiannis

University Of Greenwich, UK

Diversity and Inclusivity by Design: Empowering Individuals

What is enabled when designers design with, and for others? To design inclusively is to engage people deeply throughout the design process, sharing our practices and amalgamating people’s unique knowledge as design interventions. Through practice research d+iD the aim was to amplify, diversify, and mobilise this under-investigated aspect of practice and discourse; where design acts inclusively regardless of disability, gender, ethnicity, vulnerability, language or age.
The aim was to work with creative people that through their design work want to change the way we see things; to rapidly diagnose and explore key challenges and highlight opportunities where design can add measurable social, commercial and non-commercial value.

Workshop February 10/14, 2020
1° year of the MSc in Communication Design

Prof. Anastasios Maragiannis, University Of Greenwich, UK
Prof.ssa Elena Caratti, Politecnico di Milano
Tutor: Camilla Pilotto

Bachelor and Master of Science Degree in Communication Design
School of Design, Politecnico di Milano
Bovisa Campus, B1 Building, via G. Candiani 72, 20158 Milano

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